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Ultra-Premium Electrode Pad Set


These Ultra-Premium Reusable Electrodes is made with superior technology to ensure the most effective and comfortable experience. These Silicone Rubber Electrodes are flexible and for use with wet cloth or conductive gel for best conductivity. On metal or these silicone electrode pads, wet cloth or conductive gel helps the signals in your machine get into your skin.

1 set of 2 Ultra-Premium Reusable Electrodes with Banana Jack Adapter and Electrode Gel (Total 5 items)

Ultra-Premium Reusable Electrodes color and shape may vary from what is shown. 

**Note: Ultra-Premium Reusable Electrodes need to be used with electrode gel or wet cloth for best conductivity. 

**Return and Refund Policy: 25% restocking fee, Shipping is Non-Refundable, All Damaged Items are NONE-Refundable, and Repairs are None-Refundable. All Reusable Electrode Pads Items, Gels, and Electrode Covers are None-Returnable and None-Refundable. Any kit approved returned that are not returned with your kit will be deducted from your return. Returned items must be in New and be able to be Resold in New Condition, if they are not in this condition No Refund will be applied. All approved refunds can take up to 14 days after inspection of returned items. Returns must be returned within 30 days of order.

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