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Basic Accessory Kit
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Basic Accessory Kit

$110.00 $170.99

This Basic Accessory Kit is great for Return Customers that already have cloth covers, need a new Universal Sideband Frequency List, and extra Electrodes.

Basic Accessory Kit contains: 1 set of 2 Hand Electrodes, 1 set of 2 Electrode Plates,  1 Programming Software Disk, and 1 Universal Sideband Frequency List - ReVive Copyright. 

Limited Time Bonus: You'll receive 1 Rife Documentary DVD, containing ''Royal Rife Story'' and ''Royal Rife in His Own Words'' with your kit purchase.

**Note: You will need Covers and they will need to be wet for best conductivity. Choose our Complete Accessory Kit or our Delux Accessory Kit to receive all items you'll need to run your machine properly. Frequency Book binding may vary from what is shown. Hand Electrodes End Caps may vary from what is shown. 

**Return and Refund Policy: 10% restocking fee, Shipping is Non-Refundable, Damaged Items are NONE-Refundable, and Repairs are None-Refundable. All Reusable Electrode Pads Items, Gels, and Electrode Covers are None-Returnable and None-Refundable. All approved refunds can take up to 14 days. Approved returns must be returned within 30 days of order.

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